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The Treatment Center & Spa Services

Treatment Center Philosophy

We all long to discover a place where the images in our mind and the dreams in our heart can come true.
—Carole Coombs

Our treatment center is a haven free of the worrisome decisions and admonitions that plague us all in today's uncertain world. So whenever you find yourself feeling listless and tired, overworked, maybe even a little out of sorts — come and be our guest. Here we provide a place where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of every day life and simply rest. As the muscles and mind take a vacation, you will move into a quiet place within where resolution and peace come directly from the heart.

Our therapeutic services are designed to elevate physical fitness, increase emotional stamina, and accelerate mental adeptness–simply said, to revitalize the body and activate the mind.

We offer preventative therapies for maintenance of health and stamina as well as treatments for emerging and chronic conditions that prevent optimum performance and enjoyment of life. Holistic in nature, they serve to compliment conventional medicine and/or provide an alternative to pharmaceutical–based therapies.

These non-medical therapies are called often holistic, referring to certain modalities that aim to treat the whole person on all three basic levels of human activity–physical, emotional, mental, and to reach for the high realm — a conscious connection to spirit. Much of what appears nowadays as disability or disease pertains to problems at one or all of the areas of activity. So, an ideal treatment might include something above or beyond any of these isolated areas and involve healing inclusive of all our various selves or parts. In today's world, holistic therapies are sometimes incorporated into more mainstream practices, currently called “integrative medicine.”

Overview of Services

Our services include body work, energetics, and individual training sessions, with a wide variety of disciplines, techniques and expertise.

The award-winning team of therapists are highly dedicated professionals with years of advanced therapeutic training and certification. Some have served our clients for over 20 years and are known for their healing touch and genuine concern for the welfare of each guest.

We use natural elements (applied topically) to further the healing properties of our services, including wild desert plants, sea minerals and salts, rare powdered pearls and micronized silk–as will as light beams, sound waves, music and color, to name a few.

Though the range of holistic therapeutic modalities is vast and rather complex to define, we have divided them into general categories, recognizing that while each is localized to some extent, the beneficial properties act on human well being at many levels.


Therapeutic body work, both deep tissue and soft touch massage, LomiLomi, gliding stones, reflexology, and many more.

Detox and Cleansing

Specialized body treatments designed to clean the body of toxic overload.


A healing mode designed to bring balance and harmony. Includes Cranial-sacral, Reiki, and chakra clearing.

Vibrational Medicine

Works through the body’s many energy fields and is used to re-pattern and recharge.

Journey Into Healing

Innovative sessions that include age-old cultural healing techniques and tribal concepts with a modern approach.


“Taking the waters”. Lift away residue, stimulate, and heighten sensory systems.

Personal Counseling

Personal training sessions from our staff of professional counselors.

Aesthetic Services

Facials, hair treatments, personal style consulting, and more!


We offer both deep tissue and soft touch, including sports massage, shiatsu, neuromuscular, Thai, gliding stones, reflexology, and many more.

Revitalizing Massage

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

Smooth, even strokes calm, purify and release tension, leaving tissues light and free. Re-sculpts a tense, tight body into one that moves freely and performs without effort, feels relaxed yet invigorated, awakened, alive, and sooo content.

Deep Sports Massage

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

For all-over toning, targets certain areas for tension release, stimulates metabolic rate for increased circulation, respiration ratio and tensile strength.

Ultimate Massage

$230 for 100 min.

Make your favorite treatment last even longer (100 minutes).

Four Hands Massage

$230 for 50 min.

Two therapists treat you to the modality of your choice.

Couples Massage

$230 for 50 min.

Now you and your partner can enjoy a private aromatic bath together, followed by a double massage.

Neural Re-patterning

$115 for 50 min.

Extension, rotation, and energetic massage techniques re-pattern the neural relay systems to break down old habits and attitudes, allowing for rapid reflex responses and decision-making.

Full Body Reflexology and Zone Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

Reduces should and back pain, headaches, and increases stress resilience. Stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, thus synergizing and toning the entire body. Throughout works feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, neck, ears, and scalp.

Lymphatic Massage

$115 for 50 min.

Light flowing strokes over lymphatic byways with deliciously scented and detoxifying essential oils stimulates release of wastes residue throughout the body. Improves circulation, breathing, and tissue resilience. Especially effective for improved metabolism, weight control, and depression.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

Therapist uses soft inner arm in rhythmic movements to create a dance of long gliding and stretching strokes–blending in work with hands, fingertips, knuckles, and elbows for deeper pressure. Soothed by the luscious scent and sounds of the Aloha Islands and traditional Hawaiian healing motions, your body will fall into deep contentment and pure delight.

Steaming Stones

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

Smooth, warm stones glide over the skin to dissolve tense, tight tissues within, as sweet smelling grasses activate the olfactory system to combat emotional distress and the muffled cadence of native drumming lulls the busy mind into a blissful state of sweet surrender and rest. Highly requested.

Thai Massage

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

An energizing and relaxing form of bodywork which includes the therapists use of hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment.

Spinal Release Postural Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

Gentle myofacial motions, light pressure, and rub out of key areas of supportive muscle tissues help to realign infrastructure for enhanced body mechanics. Balance bioelectrical system for smooth, easy motion, creating a more healthful state.

Water Shiatsu

$115 for 50 min.

This treatment takes place in chest-high warm water and involves both pressure point massage and a series of lengthening movements. Each session is not only a massage, but a powerful experience that allows many healing “shifts” at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Oriental Shiatsu

$115 for 50 min.

Developed in Japan, this acupressure massage applies firm, but not acute, pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock “meridians” (the pathways through which life energy flows).

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

$115 for 50 min.

These treatments include chiropractic and activator manipulation, graston technique, soft tissue release techniques, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, interferential current, and acupuncture used to activate the body's natural healing abilities.

Detox and Cleansing

These specialized body treatments are not massages per se, but therapies in which certain natural tinctures and exfoliating preparations are applied of the skin, using techniques to further the action of topical compounds. They are designed to clear the body toxic overload, allowing the natural systems of cleansing, elimination, and repair to function efficiently and fully–and healing to occur.

They use special processes that act through the body's surface layers to cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen the body's many systems. The cleansing process involves the blood stream and circulatory system, lymphatic system and glandular secretions, olfactory system and limbic membrane, parastolic action, respiration and various energetic center.

They aid in preventing infectious matter from settling inside the tissues, causing decay and weakening the body's defense against disease and deterioration; they also treat surface tissues by removing microbial or waste deposited there regularly, not only through natural metabolic processes, but from radiation, noxious gasses, and other dangerous environmental pollutants so very abundant in our modern world–leaving the skin (our largest eliminative organ) smooth, hydrated, porous and receptive–allowing the elimination of waste fluids and gasses, plus the absorbance of nutrients, to occur.

Pearl Skin Polish

$115 for 50 min.

Uses rare powdered pearls, fine sun-drenched sand, and a tincture of wild desert plants to dissolve dead, flaky residue and other debris that collects around the skin cells, leaves the skin porous, allowing elimination of excess waste fluids and gases.

Full Body Reflexology

$115 for 50 min.

Reduces shoulder and back pain, headaches, and increases stress resilience. Stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, thus synergizing and toning the entire body. Thoroughly works feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, neck, ears, and scalp.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

$115 for 50 min.

Light, flowing strokes over lymphatic byways improve circulation, breathing, and tissue resilience. Especially effective for improved metabolism, weight control and depression. Light pressure over the receptor points in the head actuates glandular tissues.

Painted Desert Clay Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

Removes residue underneath surface layers with poultice-like action, allowing noxious gases caught in the subcutaneous levels to move up and out through the surface. A light brushing technique brighten, firms, and increases skin flexibility and tensile strength.

Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

As warm water flows down the back of the head and over receptor points, it's gentle movement calms and yet quickens the scalp, clearing away waste residue. Stills conscious thought, lowers brain-wave activity, and rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility.

Herbal Wrap

$115 for 50 min.

Thermal technique heightens cellular activity to melt away aches and pains through the back and shoulders, elbows, and knees. Aids in releasing excess fluids held in the tissues.


A healing mode in which the practitioner uses his hands, on or off the body, to initiate a coherent energy field —to quicken the frequency level and bring balance and harmony to the client. Includes such modalities as Cranial-sacral, Reiki, chakra clearing, Reconnection Therapy, Healing Touch, and more.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

For chronic pain, headaches, learning disabilities, and to assist emotional stability (recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries), this gentle technique restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize block areas—often a transcendent experience.

Reconnection Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

A powerful high frequency energetic modality that carries light and information from Higher Consciousness. It works deeply at a quantum, inter-dimensional level to facilitate balance and healing.

Seven Heavens Aromatherapy

$115 for 50 min.

All seven levels of human experience are present in the frequency patterns of the seven chakra centers and corresponding lateral pulse points. This treatment uses seven pure essential oil blends, each carefully attuned vibrationally to resonate with the oscillating pattern of each chakra. Techniques include light movement over each chakra point and gentle extension, rotation, and rocking to activate lateral points. Strengthens the muscles, brightens the mind, and opens the heart to combat anxiety and emotional turmoil in general.

Healing Touch

On or off the body - $115 for 50 min.

Works with subtle energies, using a combination of gentle touch techniques (such as Reiki, among others) to clear blocked or disengaged areas throughout the energetic system, activates the hormonal and neural systems and allows free flowing information or signals to move through the body's many parts. Restores balance and harmony at the cellular level to alleviate physical distress, relieve emotional upset, and calm mental disorder.

Vibrational Medicine

Works through the body's many energy fields and is used to repattern frequency levels, to recharge sensory receptors, using the breath, sound, light, color, scent. Includes therapies such as Acutonics calibrated tuning forks, tibetan bowls, rhythmic movement, Bioptron full-spectrum light beam treatment, Marcel Vogel's structured crystal light instrument, Scent and Olfactory Therapy, to name a few.

Acutonics Healing System

$115 for 50 min.

An energy based, non-intrusive treatment that is similar to acupuncture. Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupuncture points to support the body's natural frequencies. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along the energy pathways, effecting human physiology and reaching places not easily accessed by other means. These vibrational sounds stimulate and balance the physical and subtle energy fields, promoting healing and well being.

Prana (Energy) Nada (Sound) Massage

$230 for 100 min.

Experience a nurturing massage combined with energy work and sound healing. This therapy is designed to sooth mind, body, and spirit by aligning the chakras and open meridians. Key acupoints will be stimulated with the Acutonics Tuning Forks and, along with the body work, will stimulate the lymphatic system to improve metabolism and bring deep relaxation to prepare for the wonderful harmonic sound meditation after the massage is completed. Tibetan bowls, ting shas and the powerful gong are used to relieve emotional and physical stress, aid is detoxification, and promote a deep sense of well being.

Sound and Light

$115 for 50 min.

Medicine of the future — in our specially-designed resonate chair, the rhythmic nature of sound and colored light combine to broaden and deepen your everyday perception, allowing access to the higher mind where troublesome concerns are resolved peacefully without upset or confusion.

Light Works

$115 for 50 min.

“We are all living photocells”

This rare treatment utilizes the pioneering techniques of Marcel Vogel to transmit crystal energy to the body in an exquisite rainbow of light pulsing from crown to base. The purpose is to open and revitalize the chakra system, while stimulating the flow of quantum energy throughout physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Bioptron Polarized Light Therapy

$115 for 50 min.

Today, we know that humans transform light into electrochemical energy. Bioptron Light Therapy uses polarized light—it contains not only one wavelength (like lazer light) but a wide range, including visible light and a portion of the infrared range without UV radiation. Bioptron light has bio-stimulative effects: when applied to the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules. This initiates biochemical reactions within the cell.

  • Uses incoherent low energy density that allows light to stimulate various biological processes in a positive way without damaging underlying tissues—pain release.
  • Accelerates regenerative and reparative processes.
  • Promotes collagen and elastin formation.
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of blemishes, scars, and discoloration.
  • Stimulates metabolism and reinforces immune response.
  • After a Bioptron Light Treatment, the skin exudes a glowing radiance, feels smoother and looks healthier.

Mind Map - Using Color as a Guide

$115 for 50 min.

The mind is always reflected in the body; thus, observing the body is a pathway that reveals inherent characteristics of the inner self and how it is naturally designed to recognize feelings, process thought, and to function without upset or confusion. This process can provide access to unrecognized fears and self-doubts that prevent the fullest expression of self and to our natural abilities, talents, and highest purpose.

Aura and Chakra Analysis

$115 for 50 min.

Every living organism is surround by an electromagnetic energy field often called an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your state of mind,l body, and inner being. The Aura Video Station is a Mulimedia Biofeedback Imaging System using the science of biofeedback, color therapy and energy medicine to measure, analyze, and display an accurate representation of your emotional state.

Scent / Olfactory System - What the Nose Knows

$115 for 50 min.

Lara Wright is widely recognized for her highly developed sense of smell and advanced studies of the olfactory system and the psychological aspects of smelling. Developer of botanical-based skin care laboratory.

Like a messenger, an aroma moves through the body's many systems, carrying its own impulse or signal. As we breath in, negative and positive molecules in the air discharge certain olfactory receptors in the nose, firing electrical impulses throughout the limbic system-profoundly effecting the emotional quality of our lives. Everyone has an inherent frequency pattern—like a harmonic cord, signature or voiceprint—which is discernible, not only to animals, but to those humans with a developed sense of smell.

Lara uses her extraordinary gift of smell to detect her client's unique pattern and the places where it may be blocked or disengaged. She then combines rare essential oils into an alchemical aroma to capture the original essence for each person to take home. Recharge and stimulates receptor patterns to clarify emotional upset and mental confusion, making way for new insight and loving relationships. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

Journey Into Healing

Medicine today, whether holistic or conventional, has a rich heritage from the world's civilizations and cultures. These innovative sessions include age-old cultural healing techniques and tribal concepts with a modern approach—Shamanist Vision Journey, Tibetan Sound Concert with ancient bowls, chimes, pipes, chanting and dancing, a Mind Map Process, using color as a guide, to unveil individual pathways for heightened performance levels, Hawaiian bodywork, Spiritual Journey through the symbolic Labyrinth, and Oriental Movement and Breathing Techniques to heighten “chi” (life-healing energy).

Shamanistic Vision Journey

$115 for 50 min.

You are invited on a magical journey to contact your personal animal guides. Gwen Moon, our native American teacher (Chippewa/Ojibwa), uses repetitious beat and cadence of native drumming and sweet-smelling grasses to lead the ordinary mind into a dreamlike state of tranquility where the inner world can be felt and listened to—where hidden, latent knowledge is held, experienced, and processed — where visions appear and gifts, higher values, and possibilities are revealed. Afterwords, she explores your insights with a traditional understanding of animal symbols — a powerful practice for evolvement of the conscious state.

Sacred Sound

$115 for 50 min.

Donell DeMarquessa's experience in the healing arts spans at least two decades. She has explored and initiated many modalities of sound and its resonant effect for physical healing and spiritual development, as well as tribal rituals and cultural methods, including advanced bodywork, movement, and voice — often used together. This is a concert of ancient instruments dating back many hundreds of years. Hand forced Tibetan metal bowls, ganta bells, chimes, and gongs create magnificent harmonics that align and shift the complex neural systems. The penetrating waves move over, around and through the body, sending strong vibrations that purify and detoxify physical and emotional states, assist in reducing pain, slow down brain waves and can bring profound spiritual awareness.

The Path of the Labyrinth - A Journey to Overcome Life's Challenges

$115 for 50 min.

Mike Rice, highly-developed spiritual program director, meditation guide, and stress intervention expert, directs a walk along circular paths representing a spiritual journey through various aspects of self to the wisdom center, where resolution occurs and answers appear. The path can be a catharsis to purge oneself of anger or grief, or enhance the creative process to provide solutions to questions involving your job, relationships, or spiritual beliefs. If you desire, a note containing your aspirations and dreams can be prepared beforehand. If so, a ceremonial bowl holding warm charcoal is lighted in the center to burn away past regrets and send new intentions and dreams soaring with the smoke to higher realms.

The Labyrinth design is of ancient origins and has been carved on rocks, painted on ceramics, woven into baskets, stamped on coins and carved into rock cliffs, sculpted out of turf and configured from raw stone and intricate tile work—found in such diverse cultures as the Ukraine, dating from 18,000 to 15,000 B.C.E., Sumatra, Peru, Egypt, India, Iceland, Scandinavia, the British Isles and as nearby as Galiseo, New Mexico—including spiritual paths such as the Jewish mystical tradition, the Hopi medicine wheel, Tibetan sand mandala, the Gothic Christian cathedrals—known to represent the journey of life as it winds, turns, and repeats until it reaches the center representing the heart of wisdom, then returns back out to the world with new understanding and peace. The Green Valley labyrinth meanders through the whole circle, making 34 turns before it reaches the center and is based on sacred geometry, which, according to Plato, “draws the soul to truth”.


$115 for 50 min.

HeartMath is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs, and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath is internationally recognized for our practical solutions to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy into people's lives.

The HeartMath approach is based on extensive research into the physiology of stress and emotions, and the importance of coherent communication between heart and brain. Our techniques, technologies and programs are scientifically validated and provide sustainable results. HeartMath's approach goes beyond traditional methods of stress reduction by incorporating two key elements: the heart and positive emotions. In the early '90's, HeartMath researchers identified a distinct pattern in the heart rhythms that is characteristic of positive emotions like appreciation, care, love, and compassion. These patterns reflect physiological coherence – when the heart, brain, and nervous system are working in harmony.

Emotions move faster than thought and are registered by the heart before the brain. The heart pulses out a rhythmic pattern that reflects our emotional state, transmitting this information to the brain, rest of the body, and even into the environment – via an electromagnetic field. Based on these discoveries, HeartMath created a set of positive-emotion-focused techniques that foster a state of coherence. These techniques have been proven to increase heart rhythm coherence and reduce stress and anxiety. There have been dozens of studies on these practices demonstrating the profoundly beneficial effects on the heart, cognitive functions, and overall health. HeartMath research demonstrates that we have more power over our emotional experiences than once thought.


The term “Spa” originally referred to the practice of “taking the waters” (not a hot tub!) and, in more modern time, extensive research has been done to explore the various elements contained in thermal springs, sea, and ocean, and the remarkable healing that often occurred. Our baths contain ancient sea salts, condensed and fossilized eons ago, that represent a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells to operate at an optimum level. When used before or after physical activities, they accelerate performance level, lighten and strengthen muscles and other tissues crucial to mobility, flexibility, and reflex response capabilities, lift away residue to increase concentration, and stimulate sensory system to heighten autonomic mechanisms for rapid response and deepened perceptive skills.

Daily Mineral Bath - Ancient Sea Revisited

$10 for 10 min.

Like bathing in ancient sea waters! Ten short minutes is all it takes to loosen muscles and quiet the mind in preparation for each treatment. Leaves skin resilient, smooth, and receptive.

After a careful sterilization process, we draw your own private bath in a specially lighted room filled with scented candles, fresh flowers, and soft music. Though our baths are disguised as a simple luxury to delight the senses, they are really much more. You will fin them a most effective treatment for all parts of yourself. Although the additives in our baths may vary according to the desired effect, they all contain our Ancient Sea Salts in powdered form. The sea salts themselves, condensed and fossilized eons ago, represent a full spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells to operate at an optimum level.

When used before and after physical activities, they lighten and strengthen muscles and other tissues crucial to mobility, flexibility, and reflex response capabilities, and lift away residue to increase concentration and perceptive skills.

We then add powered pearls to firm and restore elasticity, milk, sugar can and fruit crystals for a complete alpha-hydroxy complex to stimulate new cell growth, powdered potato for its cleaning and moisture-retention properties, plus pure essential oils and naturally-occurring color salts.

Sports Bath for Heavy Minds and Muscles

$40 for 30 min.

For tired feet, ankles, and aching joints as well. A concentrated saline solution of ancient sea salts extracts toxic fluids for easy breathing, clear thinking, and furnishes a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells for vitality and easy motion.

Antidote for the Blues Mineral Bath

$40 for 30 min.

For lack-luster conditions within and without. Quiets a restless mind and lifts the spirits. Designed to release toxic-waste matter held within, lightening and brightening both tissues and mood. Helps to disperse troubled thoughts, aching head and heart, bringing relaxation and peace. Contains apple pectin, wild honey, sea salts, powered pearls, and uplifting essential oils.

Cleopatra's Rejuvenating Bath

$40 for 30 min.

This bath works to tighten, firm, and tone as it smooths and softens surface cells. Special additives bring excess fluids up from subcutaneous levels, gently dissolving surface debris to stimulate new cell growth and moisture, soothe, and reduce swollen places. Leaves the body feeling light and glowing. Contains rich, purified milk, wild honey, and precious oils to mend and beautify.

Personal Counseling

To maximize your spa visit, add personal one-on-one sessions with our Professional Counseling and Medical Staff.


A large body of research exists confirming the healing benefits of meditation, using both Eastern and Western techniques to move attention from the stimuli and tensions of the outer world to the silence within. We are proud providers of HeartMath Institute's stress intervention techniques and biofeedback back programs, certified directors of ancient labyrinth walking meditations, and our own exceptional guidance and training.

Personal Meditation Guidance

With highly-trained meditation teacher, Mike Rice

Special techniques for relieving stress and anxiety induce inner quietude so necessary today's busy world. Learning how to control tension in the muscles and attention in the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness. Each individual sessions can be direct toward specialized interests of the client.

  • Centering through Breathing
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • De-tensing
  • Guided Meditation and Visualization
  • Focusing
  • From Chaos to Peace of Mind
  • Controlling your Thoughts
  • Forging Ahead
  • A Beautiful Body, A Beautiful Mind

Training and Counseling

HeartMath™ Institute Programs

With Mice Rice, Meditation and Spiritual Programs Director

Stress intervention and biofeedback techniques to reverse stress and meet life's inevitable challenges.

HeartMath™ is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs, and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath is internationally recognized for practical solutions to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy into people's lives.

Heart Centered Counseling

Jonelle Reynolds, Psychologist and hypnotherapist

When the heart is closed, fear and doubt-filled thoughts can compulsively take over you mind, actions and reactions, resulting in confusion, pain, and tension. This session is designed to assist you finding your inner knowing in a safe, confidential environment—to open your heart to clarity and peace.

Career and Life Coaching

With renowned teacher, Janice Brooks

Janice offers educational, cultural, and spiritual counseling intended to heal the body,
nourish the soul and awaken your creative spirit.

Body Structure Consultation

With Marium Kroff

This evaluation determines your physical and metabolic type, providing a blueprint for an exercise and nutritional plan that will deliver the best results for you.

Counseling with our Medical Professionals

For Medical problems as well as post-traumatic disfunction, drug and alcohol cessation, loss, broken hearts, weight control, anger, body image, etc.

Private Medical Consultation

With Gordon reynolds, M.D., Medical Director

Consultation will address personal health issues, provide a medical evaluation to uncover potential health risk factors and recommend a personalized program.

Private Mental Health Consultation

With Sid Young, Ph.D., Psychologist

Specializing in psychological functioning, cognitive and emotional well being, addiction, grief, and post traumatic stress disorders.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

With Amerest Anderson, Chiropractic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Treatment for headache, low back pain fibromyalgia, depression, stress, anxiety, pinched nerve, whiplash, neck pain, weight loss, and more available in a natural way. She also provides soft tissue release and Graston Technique.

Aesthetic Services

Natural therapeutic treatments, neither chemical-based nor intrusive.


Though all our facials are cleansing, hydrating, and restructuring to a remarkable degree, each will vary according to the particular activity needed to achieve the most beneficial results for each client. Therapist will begin with an assessment of facial tissues and adjust the treatments to meet individual skin conditions and concerns.

Sea Clay Ultra-Cleansing

$115 for 50 min.

Enlivens, brightens, refines skin texture, leaving tissues soft yet firm. Uses ancient sea-bottom clay with naturally-occurring salts for a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells to operate at an optimum level. Special lubrication agents protect against harsh elements such as sun and wind.

Age—Defying Enzyme Replacement

$115 for 50 min.

The enzymatic action of the highest quality genuine pearls reduced to a fine powder and unprocessed wild desert honey rehydrate and resurface upper layers, balance acid conditions, alleviate inflammation, redness, rough or dry conditions, and combat bloating.

Cinnamon Sugar Uplift

$115 for 50 min.

A carbon solution quickens the action of botanicals, enabling them to assemble and deliver nutrients while leaving the facial cells inert and receptive. Begins with a deep cleansing polarized light treatment which also seems to decrease wrinkling, brown spots, and other conditions related to the aging process. Followed by our uplifting cinnamon sugar compound. A non-surgical uplift.

Chinese Restructuring

$115 for 50 min.

To define bone structure and mend the face where it seems to be broken. Uses acupressure, tapping, brushing, and gentle skin rolling to buttress the infrastructure for strength and flexibility.

Back Facial

$115 for 50 min.

Clears blemishes and roughened patches with polarized light beam, gentle exfoliation, mineralized clay mask, and hydrating fluid.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Foot Grooming With Reflexology

$115 for 50 min.

If your tires feel flat, let us change them! As you rest, we'll relieve the pressure on your feet and legs, polish away callouses, trim your nails, and restore your bounce and spring. Includes warm beeswax treatment with reviving, anti-fungal essential oils and nail buffing. Relieves aching, prickly feet.

Hand Grooming With Reflexology

$115 for 50 min.

Rest your hands in a cocoon of heated beeswax to moisturize and soften the skin. After a pressure point massage for hands, wrists, and elbows, we groom the nails and shine them with powdered pearls.

Rapunzel's Secret Hot Oil Treatment

$115 for 50 min. / $230 for 100 min.

Rest in the spa garden (weather permitting) while your head, neck, and shoulders are gently massaged with a special cream, scalp tenderly stimulated with fingertips, and a warm pack applied to the hair. While the pack works it's wonders, you are encased in warm, subtle garden fragrance and lulled by soft breezes. Rehydrates, strengthens, and enhances manageability while detoxifying the hair shaft and scalp. You arise feeling as if a fairy godmother has brushed you with her magic wand, changing all the ragged places into a shiny new cloth.

Buff And Bronze

$115 for 50 min.

“Finally we have the solution!” 100% natural indoor Bronzing! After buffing your skin with pure lavender and fine mineral salts until it glows, the incredible Sun FX Tanning Solution is professionally applied according to your skin tone. Tan will develop over the following few hours.

Adventures in Self Discovery

Face Paint and Personal Skin Care

$115 for 50 min.

Our face paint artists, whose wizardry in creating a finished canvas for the part of you that show, will guide you in selecting and applying cosmetics professionally with the subtlety or boldness that suits your personal preference, your unique facial planes and coloring, or for special occasions. This session also addresses personal skin care concerns, including special treatments for acne, dry flaky skin, and wrinkles as well as brushing and acupressure techniques to keep facial skin clear, firm and youthful appearing.

Costuming With Intent

$115 for 50 min.

Dressing ourselves is an invaluable tool to communicate who we are and what are our intentions, whether it is authority, professionalism, friendliness, or warmth. Whether or not we are aware of it, the colors and shapes that engage our vision create powerful impulses toward attraction, excitement, fear or repulsion. Consultation includes design elements that relate to your authentic personal qualities.