Event Catering

Getting everyone to agree on the perfect place to meet is effortless at Green Valley. Whether a corporate retreat, destination wedding or an alumni reunion – we can provide the perfect conference facility, breakout room or even an intimate poolside party. Our in-house restaurant can cater to nearly any event. We have multiple venues providing indoor or outdoor space available to provide the perfect setting for your event.

For more information please call 435-216-7711.

Our Secret Garden that is surrounded with beautiful flowers and a lovely water feature. This location can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Our Mission building which provides a private and luxurious setting accommodates around 60 guests.

Our studio room (28′ x 38′) provides a peaceful and private setting and can accommodate up to 40 guests.

The Spiritual Center can support up to 30 guests and has a private pool and is the most secluded area with privacy walls around the entire area.

We also have a massive (40′ x 40′) multipurpose room that can accommodate over 60 guests.

We’d love to share our private promotions and discounts with you.