Chef Imi

Introducing European Chef Imi Kun who specializes in Gourmet European and American Cuisine. Many of his patrons know of Chef Imi through his previous restaurants.

At only 14 years of age, he began his training at a government technical school in his home country and took all the classes it offered. “In Hungary, it takes three years of work and education before you can become a server or a cook,” he said. So his time was spent equally on the floor and in the kitchen where he fell in love with all sides of the restaurant business. Years later, with the title of Executive Chef and with the Hungarian Culinary Association, he studied French, Italian, German and other European styles, often practicing his culinary skills in those countries. He has participated in many international cooking and chef competitions, culinary demonstrations and arts festivals.

This is my life. I am basically a very lucky man to do what it is I love to do and so happy to be able to live and work in wonderful Southern Utah.
— Chef Imi Kun
With such a wide-range of culinary expertise, if asked which one is his favorite, Chef Imi says, with great seriousness, “I have lots of favorites. That is why you see a little of them all on my menu. I would say it depends on your mood, how you feel. Maybe you are dying for the Italian flavor or craving a beautiful French sauce. Sometimes a nice steak will tempt you.”

Chef Imi is originally from Hungary and has worked eight years in Italy, two in France, and two with the German culinary association. He competed in World Championship in Luxembourg in 1982.

He came to America 15 years ago. His previous restaurants include: The Cosmopolitan, The Orchids, The RiverWalk Grill & Steakhouse and Aragosta Restaurant.

He brings his own personal touch to each guest and enthusiastically embraces special requests for items not included on the menus. Feel free to contact him directly with any questions, concerns or for special requests: 435-313-0611.

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