Aesthetic Services

We offer, natural therapeutic treatments, neither chemical-based nor intrusive. The skin is like a coat the body wears to keep it safe from damaging effects of the outside environment (harsh sun rays, wind, caustic airborne chemicals, etc.) It serves as an important eliminatory organ for metabolic waste, to keep body temperature within normal range, and as a primary transport station for the senses.

Here, we have developed an enlivening process which not only acts to beautify the skin, our precious outer coat, but allows the body’s natural systems to absorb nutrients, release toxic waste and strengthen cellulose fibers for increased elasticity and resilience.

By ultimately reducing deteriorating conditions that accompany the aging process, they are designed to significantly reduce wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, bloating, and firm flabby areas to define bone structure.

Our external applications are organic in nature, based on desert plants and mineralized salts gathered locally and prepared here in our laboratory. They are freshly compounded before each treatment to insure the aliveness we require. The expertise of our trained therapists has been developed over many years for true effectiveness.


Though all our facials are cleansing, hydrating, and restructuring to a remarkable degree, each will vary according to the particular activity needed to achieve the most beneficial results for each client. Therapist will begin with an assessment of facial tissues and adjust the treatments to meet individual skin conditions and concerns.

Sea Clay Ultra-Cleansing – $120 for 50 min.

Enlivens, brightens, refines skin texture, leaving tissues soft yet firm. Uses ancient sea-bottom clay with naturally-occurring salts for a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells to operate at an optimum level. Special lubrication agents protect against harsh elements such as sun and wind.

Age-Defying Enzyme Replacement – $120 for 50 min.

The enzymatic action of the highest quality genuine pearls reduced to a fine powder and unprocessed wild desert honey rehydrate and resurface upper layers, balance acid conditions, alleviate inflammation, redness, rough or dry conditions, and combat bloating.

Cinnamon Sugar Uplift – $120 for 50 min.

A carbon solution quickens the action of botanicals, enabling them to assemble and deliver nutrients while leaving the facial cells inert and receptive. Begins with a deep cleansing polarized light treatment which also seems to decrease wrinkling, brown spots, and other conditions related to the aging process. Followed by our uplifting cinnamon sugar compound. A non-surgical uplift.

Back Facial – $120 for 50 min.

Clears blemishes and roughened patches with polarized light beam, gentle exfoliation, mineralized clay mask, and hydrating fluid.

Bioptron Polarized Light Therapy – $120 for 50 min.

Today, we know that humans transform light into electrochemical energy. Bioptron Light therapy uses polarized light – it contains not only one wavelength (like a laser light ) but a wide range, including visible light and a portion of the infrared range without UV radiation. Bioptron light has bio-stimulative effect: when applied to the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules. This initiates biochemical reactions within the cell.

Uses incoherent low energy density that allows light to stimulate various biological processes in a positive way without damaging underlying tissues–pain release! This Accelerates the regenerative processes and promotes collagen and elastin formation. Significantly reduces the appearance of blemishes, scars, and discoloration. Stimulates metabolism and reinforces immune response. After a Bioptron Light Treatment the skin exudes a glowing radiance, feels smoother and looks healthier.

Micro-Current Face and Neck Uplift – $120 for 50 min.

A micro-current dermal skin toning treatment that uses small, painless, low-level impulses to “reprogram” muscles to help restore muscle shape and to support skin tissues with healthier blood circulation and more youthful firmness. Rehabilitates the muscles, improves circulation, texture and tone.

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